The Zionist Terror Network

By Caleb Amilicar

Whether on the Internet, on the radio and television airwaves, or in newspapers, stereotyping and labels are commonplace.

Many are unaware the degree to which television, network news in particular influences thoughts and shapes the views of the general public.

The TEI would like to state for the record that while a majority of those who would claim Judaism as a religion would likewise claim to be adherents to Zionism as an ideology, it is well known and understood that there are many seeking to actively separate themselves from the deceitful and disgraceful tactics of those using their tremendous influence in media to malign their opponents.

While the ADL and others would have many believe that there is universal support for Zionism, all Jews do not agree with the methods, viewpoints and operations of the Zionist lobby in America led by the notorious Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.

The tendency exists to refer to Jews or Judaism and Zionists interchangeably. The TEI recognizes that while the vast majority of those calling themselves Jews profess strong adherence to and agreement with Zionist principles, there are some Jews who have stood up to challenge their Zionist brethren making a distinction between Zionism, as an ideology and Judaism as a religion.

Zionism, the ideology formed by Theodore Herzl, led to the widely condemned and criticized establishment of what is currently called Israel. Many, in the name of Zionism, have committed unspeakable acts against others who do not share their views and have been responsible for threats against prominent leaders such as, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Leader of the Nation of Islam, and Jesse Jackson, politician and clergyman who twice ran for the Democratic nominee for president of the United States.

It has been documented that some attacks on synagogues in the Middle East were carried out by Israeli terrorists, but conveniently blamed on Arab terrorists.

To many, this may be surprising and unbelievable, however, there are many documented cases of Zionist terrorists lighting the fires of conflict consistent with meeting the objectives of their nefarious schemes.

Mark Weber, director of the Institute of Historical Review in a work titled The Zionist Terror Network sheds light on the murky and sometimes vicious operations of an alliance of Zionist terrorists, specifically – the Jewish Defense League – active in America and abroad since the late 60s.

Weber details the early life, and questionable past of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and their founder, the late Meir Kahane (a.k.a. Martin David Kahane, Michael King.) The JDL has been active in assassinations, assaults against individuals and the families of those individuals whose beliefs run contrary to the Zionist world view and intimidation against perceived enemies of Zionism.

Weber writes:

In numerous speeches and essays, and in several books, Meir Kahane preached an arrogant and even genocidal message of Jewish supremacy and ruthless Zionism. For the JDL leader and his many fervent followers, any and all measures to further Jewish survival and welfare--including terror, dispossession and murder--are entirely justified.

In a work running in upwards of 11,000 words, with 107 fully documented footnotes, The Zionist Terror Network shows clearly the ideology of Jewish supremacy of this movement. Though assassinated on November 5, 1990 in New York City, his fanaticism and hate inspired influence lives on through his disciples, specifically Mordecai Levy, who founded the Jewish Defense Organization (JDO), after leaving the JDL for not being "militant enough" and Irv Rubin who later became a bitter rival of Mordecai Levy.

Irv Rubin is probably the best known of the JDL’s pro-Zionist activists. In his most recent public embarrassment, he was physically attacking others on the nationally syndicated Jerry Springer Show, a show widely ridiculed as an incessant display of human degeneracy.

Weber delves into the facts surrounding the murder of Alex Odeh, West Coast regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee reportedly by members of the JDL. In fact the FBI announced that the JDL was believed to not only be responsible for that murder, but also involved other terrorist incidents on the East Coast.

An important fact about the Odeh murder is detailed in Weber’s research:

Three JDL members were identified by US federal investigators in 1988 as the perpetrators of the bombing that took Odeh's life. The accused assassins, who were born in the USA but fled to Israel to avoid punishment, are Keith Fuchs, Andy Green and Robert Manning.

Though firebombing and arson appear to be the weapon of choice for the terrorist groups, they have also been known to punch, kick and strangle others in their attempt to stifle dissent. An example of this occurred in 1992, when members of the JDL were even caught on videotape beating another Jewish youth, who was at the time active in the Holocaust Revisionist movement.

Through research, the TEI has found that there are many examples of these types of malevolent transgressions, directed at individuals and organizations. Many of these events and happenings are not shown on your nightly news telecasts.

The TEI has found that in the rare event that these events are shown, they are sanitized in a way to make the uninformed public think that it is a random act of violence instead of a malicious hate induced crime. Books like the Zionist Terror Network are needed to delve beneath the surface of these attacks.

The TEI would like for you to contrast this with the fact that a swastika painted on a synagogue is almost without fail shown at the top of the local news and in many cases network news as evidence of the constant threat of anti-Semitism and violence directed against Jews. These are immediately identified as hate crimes, and in turn used by the Israeli lobby in America to generate sympathy and generate much needed dollars to fuel their rampant media smear campaigns.

The TEI is not concerned with identifying the motivation behind the production of this work. The facts speak for themselves and there are sufficient facts listed in The Zionist Terror Network for this to be informative for one with the desire to learn.