In The Name of Allah Most  Gracious, Most Merciful

From The New Remarks

By Imam Umar Abdul El-Hajji Sharif

We must learn to tolerate differences of opinion and stop discriminating among each other based upon religion, economics, education, gender and social status. We must mature and cooperate for the common good of all based on integrity. Allah says in Quran: that he would not change the condition of A people until they first change what is in their souls. I interpret this to mean our intentions must be that of purity compassion. Sincerity, Production and Integrity, I am challenging American Leadership to wake up and be strong. Strong leadership will encourage: The people to learn for themselves, weak leaders will hold back knowledge that they want to continue to control. They won't allow followers to grow for themselves, they want followers to depend on them. May Allah Bless each and everyone of us to grow in knowledge and become more productive and to be of great benefit to ourselves and humanity.