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It is very important that we become conscious of the fact that Allah has allowed us to endure those things which may be harmful to us and, in fact, are harmful to us. We are now checking our appetites and beginning to deal with the food that  will bring us more benefit. And, in sha' Allah, Allah will be pleased with us, so that when we call out, "O Lord, O Lord, then Allah will be inclined to answer our supplication. We will not be as the man whose food was unlawful, and his nourishment unlawful and his drink unlawful and Allah asked him how could He answer such prayer. So, in sha' Allah, this is something that we should be serious about, and begin to deal with the diet so that we may obtain the full benefits of the food which Allah has made good.


We have to begin a conscious war, a conscious jihad, against consuming what is harmful. Eat of the things good and pure. Forbid to yourselves what is harmful, what is not good on the basis of what you see to be the substantial damage and harm that it might do. We have to avoid it.


The discipline that is required comes as a result of practicing; not from knowing about it, not from reading about it, but from practicing it, from fasting. The Prophet (PBUH) not only fasted during the month of Ramadhan, but he observed voluntary fasts; he would fast on Mondays and Thursdays. How many of us are able to discipline ourselves, to use that as part of our program that will enable us to bring about the change that we say we want to see, the change that is necessary to be able to be successful in fighting for what we believe? Everybody can fight but everybody can't win. If you can't beat yourself, you can't beat anybody else.


We have to be conscious of the diet because it affects how we see things. We have to be conscious of what we eat, what we take in, for Allah has commanded a standard for Muslims. We have to begin to check the appetite and avoid the obvious poisons--the nicotine, sugars, caffeine, preservatives, etc. Abstain from the bad; seek out the good.


Honey is a good replacement for sugar, and we know this. Allah says that there are healing properties in honey; He talks about it in the Qur'an. But as far as the sugar is concerned, it is so addictive, so strong, that when you are deprived of it, you have certain reactions.


Your children have to do the same thing. Your ability to control yourself should help your children. When looking at a child, remember his inability to control himself when you put certain things in his body. Do you wonder why children have problems when they are in school; what they call "hyper-activeness?" Why can't the children control themselves? They are out of balance. It goes back to what you are feeding them, what you are allowing them to eat, both physically and spiritually.


Your child must stop eating what the media sells; the television, radio, comics, magazines, recordings, etc. You must help them control their lives; you must take control of your children's lives away from their enemy. You strive hard to teach your children right, then you turn the television on and allow everything that is against your religion, against your Lord, to be propagated in your house. You lock your doors and windows then turn on the TV.




Western democracy, as it is advocated, and implemented, and practiced, is an enemy, to islam. Anytime you devise a system that separates the responsibility of secular duty, when you seperate church and state, you're wrong. So we have to be on guard as to our dealings and participation with this. The mission of the muslim is different from secular responsibility and secular rule. It does not emanate from secular rule. Allah has given you this deen and it will dominate, not accommodate, not associate, not integrate, not affiliate!